AD Metalworks specialises in the manufacturing and installation of gates and railings, these come in all shapes and sizes from light to Heavy Duty to suit your individual needs.

As part of the Manufacturing process we apply as standard, a zinc coating prior to the finished powder coat which can be to any standard RAL colour to suit your requirements. This combination enables us to offer a 15 year warranty on this process.

Other options available include hot dip galvanising and a combination of hot dipped and powder coating.

Each product we have to offer is constructed from the best materials possible and using the latest techniques to create the highest quality gates, fences and railings for our clients. With any of our products, our clients will be able to enhance the security and image of their property.

Swing Gates

Swing gates are gates that quite simply open and close with the help of you! They are hinged along one edge and are manually operated by either a push or a pulling action. These types of gates generally have a spring and oil cushioned closer in order to gently re secure it to the closed position once opened.

Sliding Gates

Most sliding gates installed correctly will provide very high levels of security especially against attempted forced entry. The fact they slide sideways means that a lot of space is left free behind the gate where a normal swing gate would have to operate, making car parking a lot easier and giving more spaces . A sliding gate can be produced to very wide sizes very easily and generally only requires one electric motor to operate therefore saving money over the two motors required for a pair of swing gates. Many gates we have installed have been designed in the style of a pair of gates if appearance is particularly important.


No need for tracking along the length of the opening as it is suspended over the entrance with horizontal posts.

Its quieter than track gates and reduces the need to keep the tracking clear of debris. The channel or beam is set on bearing rollers which are engineered to a high standard and which, in turn, are bolted down to a large concrete pad. The gate is then created by being fabricated onto the beam or cantilever gate channel. The Gate is then mounted on the bearing rollers which allows the gate to glide smoothly some 50 to 80mm above the height of its concrete base. The base needs to be set at a height that is low enough to maximise security but high enough so that the gate glides freely over any obstacle in the opening, such as manhole covers, sloping ground or objects that would normally prevent the laying of a track for a tracked sliding gate.

All of our gates whether single or double can be automated and activated by many types of access control equipment such as digital keypads, push button, radio fobs, proximity or card swipe systems, number plate recognition, biometric reader, photocell or induction loop and even by mobile phone connection.

  • Single Gates
  • Double Swing Gates
  • Decorative Gates
  • Steel Frame Gates
  • Railings & Balustrades
  • Sliding / Cantilever Gates

We are prompt, efficient and place great emphasis on customer care because meeting the customer’s needs is of paramount importance to us.